Mortgage Care Loan Software

Update Release Notes


You will be required to enter a password as part of this update process.
If your support contract is expired, please contact our sales group at (800)481-2708 x1 or

Download update here -

We suggest saving the file to your server's \MORTCARE\INSTALL directory. While this is downloading, make sure EVERYONE is out of MORTGAGE+CARE. This would also be a good time to do a backup. There is a backup option in Mortgage+Care's Utilities menu.

The Crystal Reports Runtime needs to be installed in the \MORTCARE directory only once. Only install it again if reports are not printing or directed by support.

Once the setup file is completely downloaded, select "Open" or find the MCUpdate.exe file using My Computer. Install the files in your existing Server's \MORTCARE directory. When asked, allow the overwritten files to be backed up. Your data will not be overwritten.

You may be asked to register your update. If, so please enter your company name and email information. A pass code will be emailed to you.

For support, call (800) 481-2708 x 2 between 9:00AM and 5:30PM Pacific time or send us an e-mail at

Also please feel free to email us any suggestions for upcoming releases.

Recent updates:

Version 21.000

New 1098 and 1099 processing: Encrypted upload, "We do it all" service
Back pages for plain paper form changes.
Notes now automatically word wrap.
Bank rec and daily cash reports include bank account number and name.
Web update (webmc.exe) now built in to Mortcare.
New web upload option to use WinSCP software. Needed on some servers.


Version 20.040

Modifications to delinquency reports and borrower statements.
ACH enhancements.
Ability to upload static files to web portals.
Fix to open files after indexing.


Version 20.017

Delinquency reports and statements match in more scenerios.
Current distribution button added to loan input screen - invesor distributions (if multipe investors.)
NACHA report improvements.
HMDA reporting updates.
1098 and 1099 updates.


Version 20.000

Changes to IRS Form 1098. New field - Mortgage acquisition date.
To fill in use existing notes Date of Broker's Purchase.


Version 19.053

Electronic filing includes new field and new error traps.
Improvements to Incrementally funded loan statements and investor distributions.
Automated email utility improved for ACH notifications. Other NACHA file enhancements.
Tickler report enhancements
Fixed a locking bug when multiple users opened a loan object simultaneously.


Version 19.040

Escrow accounts now show date received and date deposited.
Added recording info fields to cross collateralized loans
Additional fields in CA DRE 851D form.
Borrower search now includes Paid-off flag.
Enhancement to Wrap loans.


Version 19.010

HMDA Enhancements.
Canadian EFT enhancements.
Margins on adjustable loans includes new fields.
CFPB Statement modifications.
Fix an issue with straight notes.


Version 19.000

Updates for IRS 1098s, 1099-INT, and 1099-MISC.
1099-INT includes enhanced gross or net reporting.
HMDA reporting enhancements.


Version 18.120

Delinquency report enhancements.
Incremental loan enhancements.


Version 18.100

HDMA reporting and LAR submission.


Version 18.050

Enhancements to Borrower Statements. Better match delinquency reports.
Updates to incremental loan statements.
Updates to California form 881
Updates to NMLS reports
Expand fields to view 10 character borrower accounts better.
Metro2 credit reporting enhancements.
Fix for blank check issues.
Track imported flag if loans or payments are imported.


Version 18.022

1098, 1099 enhancements. Allow dashes in TIN if not doing electronic media, etc.
Bene count overwrite ability.
Incremental funding report enhancements.
Payment import enhancements.


Version 17.020

1099-INT changes: No gross income option. More report warnings
1098 changes: More report warnings, New Cross Collateralized loan field. Blank if less than 2
Electronic filing changes - number of mortgaged properties field added.
Expanded Borrower Last name and other fields.
Fix issue with blank check creation if loan not fully distributed.
More HMDA features added.
Investor changes added to audit log.
Borrower statement enhancements.


Version 17.0010

NMLS report enhancements.
Payment entry changes for unapplied charges.
New screen icons and colors to match other products.


Version 17.0007

Vendor input
Impound statement enhancements.
APR error traps added.
Efile changes to trap negative balances, etc.


Version 16.0804

- New IRS 1098 form. Plain paper back page info is printed separately and sent to borrower.
- Changes to ACH unbalanced borrower export.
- Accounting link: Use AP account 2300 for impounds
- Penny rounding issue on some complicated payment scenarios.
- Bank Rec utility enhancements.
- Check printing review screen reorganized.
- Payment entry recalc button.


Version 16.0604

- Escrow bank reconciliation enhancements.
- Borrower statement fix if late less than 1 month.
- Accrual report enhancements.
- Impound statement enhancements.
- Add gmail and Outlook to email sending functions.
- BRE 882 changes to counters.


Version 16.0502

- Doc prep enhancements with encumbrances.
- BRE 851D enhancements.
- Quickbooks import by GL name now supported.
- Metro 2 enhancements.
- Additional TRID fields added.
- Incremental statement enhancements.
- Cross collateral loan fix for loan input screen.
- Servicing fee fix for actual/360 day loans
- NMLS reporting enhancements. (Only shows CFPB checked loans).
- Prime plus utility enhancements.


Version 16.0200
- New impound fields. User defined variables.
- Adjustable rate loans support rate floor, ceiling, etc.
- Borrower statement enhancements.
- Incremental loan statement enhancements.
- Payment entry - Unapplied button enhancements. Renamed Edit Misc.


Version 16.101

- Enhancements to bank rec utility, reports.
- Canadian T5 reporting added.
- New fields for 2015 IRS 1099-Interst
- New NACHA fields for Rabobank
- Payment entry - recompute button added so waterfall can be changed on the fly.
- New MC Reset tool option to set Unapplied balance.
- Improved incremental loan statements.
- TRID enhancements.


Version 15.2900

- Doc prep requested enhancements.
- BRE reporting changes.
- Rounding penny adjustment in payment entry for some loan types.
- Escrow account input screens simplified.


Version 15.2604

- CD disk, demo, and new install release.
- Bank rec enhancements.
- Accrual report enhancements.
- Yield report enhancements.


Version 15.2602

- Updated Borrower Info interface. Now it offers pulldowns for less used information
- Email Notification Utility enhancements. Pull down for available documents.
(*Please see the related email How To documents in the manual.)
- Statements - email utility shortcut
- ACH Export - email utility shortcut
- Updated 852, 881, NMLS, NMLS Aging Reports
(Please see the Loan Status BRE 881 Report Breakdown in the manual.)
- New Funded Loans Report
- Bank Rec Improvements.
 (Rename bankrec.exe to bankrec_old.exe to enable new form.)
- Impound Transfer Update now processed when printing checks. Turn on in Utilities > Settings > Advanced tab.
- Direct payment to another investor is now allowed on the payment entry screen.
- Interest Accrual Reporting Update
- Improved flow and layout of fields
- TRID closing docs enhancements
- New accrued interest report


Version 15.2201

- Web portal enhancements: Add an online application and have information import into Mortgage+Care
- New web portal look and feel. New charts are available
- Bank Rec report Improvements.
- Doc prep does not pull up investors with negative investments
- Additional TRID fields
- Incremental interest due report updated
- Updates to the BRE threshold report


Version 15.2000

- 'MC 2.0' updates: Automated email for investor ACH payments
- New loan application form option on web portal. Data imported into Mortgage+Care
- New Truth in Lending "TRID" form support. Included with Doc Prep module (call support to request)
- Updated NMLS report and aging sub report
- Updated Loan Status / BRE 881 report
- New fields for county property tax entities
- Accounting link report enhancements


Version 15.0014

- Escrow payment enhancements
- CFPB borrower statement enhancements
- BRE 852 report updated
- Share report updated to back date properly
- Differential fee now supports 3 decimal places


Version 15.0003

- IRS 1098 form can exclude loans with interest under $600
- Hide social security numbers on plain paper IRS forms
- Canadian amortization updates
- ACH update to fix borrower collection fee issue
- New fields for Investor Questionnaire
- Payment import improvements
- Error trap if two users open same loan at the same time.
- New vendor payments due report
- Pre-payment penalty enhancements
- NSF fee enhancements


Version 14.1118

- CFPB and Borrower statement enhancements
- Payment entry on incremental loans now allows back dating entries with new fundings
- Additional error traps in payment entry screen
- Request for demand enhancements
- Delinquency report enhancements
- Incremental interest due report enhancements
- New Payments Due report variation - Accrued Interest
- California BRE report 852 enhancements
- Credit pull add-on module available
- Variable rate utility enhancements
- Additional Doc prep fields added
- Balloon Notice changes


Version 14.0804

- Single investor version of full program introduced
- APOR modifications for California documents
- Differential fee fix if fee is changed on payment entry screen
- New servicing fee type 'P' Percent of Payment


Version 14.0620

- Enhancements to CFPB borrower statement
- Delinquency letter fix for impounds
- Request for demand enhancements
- Investor image folder fix
- Investor statement enhancements
- Impound statement enhancements
- Itemization of amount financed document includes additional totals
- HELOC documents now fills more fields
- Payment entry enhancements for Actual / 360 interest method
- Yield report enhancements
- Incremental loan payment entry enhancements
- Payment journal show advances


Version 14.0606

- Accounting link updates to exclude escrow entries or investor checks
- CFPB Borrower Statement enhancements. Does not show negative amounts due
- Investor breakdown report enhancements
- Incremental loan payment entry error traps added
- Payment zero fixes if incremental loans
- Borrower entry distribution shows full servicing fee regardless of as-of date
- Incremental loan statement enhancements
- Investor % late and % pre-payment penalty now includes 2 decimal places
- Beneficiary totals are updated when exiting investor distribution input screen


Version 14.0415

- Closing Conditions utility enhancements
- Fixed problem with old date out distributions
- APR calculations now include odd days on certain loans. Results match tValue and APRWin
- Loan input screen has button to recompute payment and balloon. Use if an amount is already there to update.
- NSF entry enhancements
- Fixes to loan import utilities
- Yield reports on existing notes enhancements


Version 14.0408
- Loan balance report enhancements
- New loan input: default Prepayment set to none
- Fixed problem with lookup table not closing
- Fixed divide by zero issue on zero percent loans
- California 881 form changes
- Loan status report enhancements


Version 14.0302

- Borrower statement enhancements
- HELOC loan pay-down enhancements
- California BRE APOR table change
- Borrower account status report enhancements
- Incremental loans with impounds now supported


Version 14.0202

- Changes to IRS efiling. Uses Mortgage+Care TIN if user does not have one
- Forbearance fee fields added to PPP input screen
- Allow penny adjustments in posting to go against servicing fee or last investor's interest (controlled in company setup)
- Impound statement fixes with odd days interest
- New loan input type "Q" for impounds on paid off loans (no interest income)
- Incremental loan payoff enhancements

Version 14.001

- IRS 1099 form changes
- Loan balance report does not show incomplete loans
- Excel loan import enhancements


Version 12.4600

- Borrower input distribution screen shows investor ownership and remaining balance
- Loan payoff enhancements.
- NACHA report type "B" added for Bank of the West
- Compute LTV enhancements to include senior encumbrances
- Late letter enhancements


Version 12.4500

- Trust account enhancements
- Default option to sort loans by last name (configured in company setup)
- Closing conditions function added. Included with Loan Origination module
- Peachtree accounting link added
- Enhancements for quarterly, semi annual, and annual payments
- Company setup option to change icons when using a Mac on remote desktop
- Amortization report fixed for interest only loans
- MCReset utility size shrunk to 800k
- Incremental loan report enhancements
- Step rate loan enhancements


Version 12.4300

- New Escrow Impound feature to track Vendors for each impound item.
- New Escrow Payments Due report
- Expanded Beneficiary and improvements fields
- Lockbox payment import enhancements
- Incremental loan enhancements. 360 and 365 day models supported in the same reports
- Discontinuing the HELOC wording for 365 day incremental


Version 12.4208

- Borrower statements better aligned to window envelopes
- Payment entry - odd pennies adjustments goes to servicing fees if applicable
- Payment to payment 365 day loans supported.
- Inventory Tracking module - for sold and unsold collateral. Turn on in Setup, Advanced tab.
- Ability to charge interest on un funded incremental amounts
- Loan to Value calcs include senior loans if funding a second loan
- Referral database tracks more information that is posted to the loan object


Version 12.4100

- Inactive loans removed from Investor statements and web portal
- Servicing fee enhancements when doing 365 day or payment to payment loans
- Fixed payment distribution issue on some loans
- Payment history report enhancements.
- Yield report enhancements
- ACH export enhancements. Can run by single date or month


Version 12.3892

- Support for US Rule loans
- Import FNMA 3.2 loan enhancements
- Borrower statement fixes if impound payments
- Enhancements to differential fee feature
- NMLS report added to main menu
- Canadian bi-monthly payments supported
- Docs from local folder supported (best if used from remote servers)


Version 12.378

- Actual / 360 loan enhancements.
- Additional fields added to doc prep merge
- Enhancements to Request for Demand
- New utility to update adjustable loan interest rates
- 1099 / 1098 enhancements
- Loan import enhancements
- Delinquency report enhancements


Version 12.369

- New doc prep fields
- Investor statement enhancements
- Impound statement enhancements


Version 12.362

- Investor Questionnaire fields added
- Fixed problem with Notes
- Borrower input enhancements with 365 day per diems
- Other bank account enhancements
- Delinquency report enhancements


Version 12.360

- Request for Demand per diems 365 day calculation adjustments
- New HUD GFE now merges without stop codes
- Additional merge fields added
-US Rule loans now supported
- Notes dropped from borrower and investor statement, payoff request
- Trust Accounting adding an entry fix
- Usere.dbf not needed any more
- Incomplete loan status used for new and imported loans. Incomplete loans not listed on investor statements, etc.
- Funded only loans not included on delinquency reports


Version 12.344

- Bi-monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annual, and Annual payments now supported. See the manual for instructions on setting these up
- New payment amortization types: Other Asset, 360/Actual with manual payment amount
- New loans are created as "Incomplete" Once ready for servicing, change the loan status to Active or Serviced
- Imported loans are also created as "Incomplete"

Version 12.340

- New MCUpdate.exe packaging
- Default rate payments. New input screen to set rates and time frames
- Differential (bought sold rate) improvements on lender statement and web portals
- Expanded agents fields
- New doc prep variable report
- New audit report in Utilities
- Additional loan fields added to doc prep merge
- Payment entry dates put in a year our of range will have a warning message
- Borrower amortization schedule now produces full loan and broken-down amortizations


Version 12.314

- New MSI installers. MCSetup.msi, MCUpdate.msi. Only one install per version is allowed. The program can be uninstalled and reinstalled safely.
- Enhancements to differential reporting on Investor Checks and Statements
- Loans marked "Non-performing" on Loan input tab will not show up on Delinquency reports, statements.
(You will also be warned before accepting a payment)
- New doc prep report: Doc Prep Variables. This report will list all merge fields and data from the last merge.
- California DRE Threshold report enhancements.


Version 12.312

-- Additional fields added to Doc Prep for Mega Documents.
- Step rate change to Borrower Statements
- No straight notes on statement run
- Input screen enhancements: Additional tax service fields added to Agents tab
- Escrow impound monthly total update not checked by default
- Payment entry calculator button fix
- Daily Cash report: new sort options
- User level control enhancements
- New option for servicing companies to change doc prep broker info.


Version 12.305

- New investor statement with charts and visual enhancements.
- QuickBooks accounting link improvements
- Borrower NACHA report changes
- Serial number fix for short names
- Task manager enhancements
- Escrow report formatting issues fixed
- sserife.fon added to install. (needs to be added to the font folder for Sony Vio notebooks)


Version 12.300

- Definable closing cost fields
- Additional DLLs added for chart generation
- New MICR font, reporting client setup install at:
- Version update checker added
- Resolution fixes for 1366x768 monitors
- New loan input field for Credit reporting date of birth
- Auto start option in web updater
- Registration program fix
- Phone number formatting
- Borrower ACH payment credit type fix
- Daily cash report includes investor and borrower account info
- Expanded investor pay-to fields
- Payment entry fix if late payments don't include a late charge, servicing fee fix - Bank rec report enhancements


Version 12.284
- California reports only called if Company Setup advanced tab is set
- All APR calcs set to same method. Figures agree with government tools
- Additional Reg Z fields show in the input screen
- Borrower statement enhancements
- Accounting link and add-ons now set in serial #
- Text search improvements
- Payment entry for Actual over 360 type Z added


Version 12.271

- Calculator shortcut added to utilities menu
- Fix problem with modifying loan balance on new payments
- Notes dialog allows pressing F8 or clicking a button to date stamp an entry
- Modifications to ACH from Borrowers
- Bank rec deposits and checks combined into 1 report.
- QuickBooks accounting link updated. Now has how to faq with link button


Version 12.265

- Updated BankRec.exe included in install. Accessible from Mortgage+Care menu if installed
- Mid-year impound analysis fixes
- Yield report enhancements
- Payment entry date issue with new loans fixed
- Delete account index issue fixed


Version 12.260

- ZVARLIST.DOC now includes new fields.
- Updates to web portal to include borrower payment information
- New web_mc.exe to match new web portal formatting
- MCReset.exe has new icon, features.
- Government Servicing Enterprise (GSE) reporting links added
- Fixed indexing problem found when renaming a loan
- Better support for updating database in a hosted environment (may need to run as administrator)
- Payment entry problem fixed if the loan is recast


Version 12.252

- New format option for checks being paid to an LLC Pool or large investor to suppress borrower details.
( Set on the Investor Input screen)
- Additional filters added to Escrow Input screen
- Investor Portfolio report changes to match other reports
- DLL files no longer included in MCUpdate
- Expanded field sizes for Escrow description, Investor Name, Postal Codes
- New Yield report options: Projected vs. Actual
- Improvements to Backup utility


Version 12.241

- Escrow Impound input and statement improvements
- Can now define a default Investor in Setup and it will populate in Loan Distribution
- Improvements to Step Rate loan processing
- APR setting option to use Interest Only computations vs. just amortized computations (recommended setting)
- New Truth-in-lending form available


Version 12.222
- Setting to store Doc Prep merge files in \USERS folder (on by default for new installs).
.. Uses WPDOCUMENT.DOC instead of User Name and a counter
- ACH in from borrower fields added
- Setting option to load Task Manager on startup
- New setting to call Crystal delinquency reports rather than from Mortcare.ini
- Bank Portfolio report enhancements
- Borrower Statement enhancements
- Escrow Analysis enhancements
- Additional fields added to Doc Prep merge
- Borrower input screen includes lookup
- Borrower input screen can launch Google Maps for property or mailing address
- Beneficiary counter
- Borrower required fields in red.


Version 12.210
- More impound options: Bi-annual property taxes, Monthly fees
- Improvements to payment entry for Zero payment, NSFs
- Ability to print blank vendor checks
- Store last backup folder to ease restore, next backup
- Step rate loan enhancements
- Canadian check formatting changes. Set Canadian flag in Utilities, Setup
- Borrower Statement changes for past due
- Investor payment report enhancements


Version 12.186
- Enhancements to Loan Import functions
- New escrow balance report
- Receipt printing capability form payment input screen
- New GFE and HUD documents included
- Company NMLS field integrated into Doc Prep
- Option to include or exclude pie chart on aging report
- Payment waterfall changes
- Auto-number new loans on by default


Version 12.174
- Request for demand enhancements
- 1099, 1098 enhancements
- Install change - don't use shared user settings
- Mortcarw.exe is now 'signed' by Consulting Plus, Inc.
- New impound notes field
- Help menus linked to new landing pages


Version 12.153

- Monthly Statements now has an option to include next month's payment in totals
- Enhanced NMLS reporting tool
- Payment entry screen tracks past due interest and principal
- New small icons
- New Unapplied payments report
- New Utility Setup function to control location of LOANDOCS folder

Version 12.130

- New custom fields tab: 40 user defined fields. Activate in Utilities, setup
- Other Loan Data import utility. Uses pre-defined or customizable CSV mapping
- Image viewing / folder setting enhancements
- Additional fields added for Co borrower social security number, NMLS number, etc.
- Ability to have system auto count loan account numbers. Set in Utilities, Setup

Version 12.121

- Improved viewing in Windows 7 at 125% screen scaling
- Task Management utility first release
- Doc Prep - no Investor doc menu choice (set doc type to "L" instead)
- Zero percent interest rate loans now supported
- Investor portfolio report matches Investor statement for payment amount
- (investor statement is date sensitive, portfolio report is not)
- Loan counter option in Setup. Will auto-number new loans
- California DRE loans now have a check box in Loan Tab
- BROKER2 loan added to new installs for In-house fundings


Version 12.111

- Magnetic media files include co borrower info. Other IRS changes
- Payment entry: User can click Post without tabbing through loan
- TBills 7 year note rate added
- Missing service fee issue fixed
- Expanded borrower name fields
- Incremental Loans: comments on every funding


Version 12.100

- Payment entry screen is now 'clickable' Tabbing not required
- Improved alternate blank page coupons with impound breakdown
- New Borrower monthly statement option with past due and current balance.
- Impound report and analysis enhancements
- New HUD Good Faith Estimate and HUD1
- Larger payment and check comments
- New Borrower / Investor amortization schedules
- Loan Input LTV calculations
- Existing note enhancements

Version 12.003

- New Menu names for Servicing and Docs
- Borrower Input Property tab now allows designating a folder for images rather than one image
- Borrower First and Second ratios displayed more prominently.
- New Yield report for existing loans
- New 30 day demo screen to register and / or purchase the software
- New loans - user can enter 'SAME' in property street to copy mailing address
- Fixed problem with MICR fonts not installing in some versions of Windows
- Improvements to CA DRE form 885

Version 12.000

- New Icons and speed button images
- Changes to simplify installation process
- Borrower payment report shows check cleared field
- Borrower input - 4th Misc info field: If enter a comment starting with P: it will transfer to checks
- Changes for new HUD statements
- Fixed a problem where some loan types in DRE 881 sub report didn't match the full report
- Minor changes to borrower statements and coupons


Version 11.261

- Login changes to increase flexibility
- Expanded borrower last name field so company names can be used.
- New Delinquent loan categories for Modification, Forbearance, Bankruptcy
- Delinquency reports can be sorted by type
- Coupon changes for impounds

Version 11.257

- DRE 885 Doc: fixed / added variables 811 and 814
- Borrower statements: Additional status codes match new install statuses
- Amortization schedule and payment calculator use the same default loan terms
- Investor Breakdown report: Changed pay down amounts to use Check Details
- Balloon notice letter: Better match to the Request for Demand
- Impounds: new vendor report to help pay impounded amounts
- Login changes and error traps


Version 11.253

- Changes to registration process. Now user has 30 days from first use for trial
- Account Status Report: Option to list non-performing loans only. Additional details too
- Borrower Input: change wording from Foreclosure to Non-Performing Loans


Version 11.250

- New "L"oan status codes: <R>EO and <N>otice of Default .
- Borrower Status with distribution - fixed investor count
- New borrower menu item: and report "Investor Assessments"
- Web notes: Can be shown on WebMC sites.
- General Ledger report - filter by GL number
- Bank Rec report: option to include Zero Checks
- 851D-S20.DOC updated
- 881 report: Changed to commissions, in part III (reviewed by DRE)
- 881 report: take out odd days paid to broker. put to other for totals


Version 11.240

- Several larger fields
- Setup: Separate user login tab
- import / export: on export show directory
- Plain Paper coupon: MB_COUPB.RPT
- add 'S' straight note to lookup.dbf


Version 11.235
- Payment entry: if excess funds received, system asks if it should be applied to principal
- Borrower payment reports: filter method changed to be more flexible.
- Bank rec reports exclude Zero checks. (a custom version is available that shows them)
- Registration used for demos rather than install password. 30 day demo starts from registration.